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I have yet to meet the individual that has wanted to file for bankruptcy. In laying out one’s plans for the future, few, if any, ever contemplate having to utilize bankruptcy protections. However, the reality is that many quality individuals are forced to face unforseen complications that necessitate a bankruptcy filing.

One of the most common refrains I have heard is, “I’m not like the rest of your clients.” It is far too easy to generalize and group together those that are forced to seek Federal Bankruptcy protections. There is no “like” to anything with our various clients. The truth of the matter is that the only common link amongst our clients is financial hardship. The need for bankruptcy protections does not descriminate along any common denominator.

Since the inception of this firm, we have had the honor to represent some of the finest individuals imaginable. While it is easy to imagine and label those seeking bankruptcy protections as out of control spenders with little contemplation of consequences, reality paints a vastly different picture. Those that were previously in a position of financial strength are suddenly vulnerable due to any number of variables. Loss of income/employment, illness and divorce are just a few of the circumstances that can suddenly arise and shake the very foundation of one’s personal finances.

It is my firm belief that everyone knows an individual that has had to seek the relief of bankruptcy protections. Be it a friend, neighbor or family member, all of us have known someone who has faced financial obstacles that seem insurmountable. It is imperative to understand that these obstacles are rarely self created. There should never be a ‘Scarlet Letter’ labeled to those in need of assistance nor should there be any generalizations as to how they got there.

A daily review of current events displays famous actors, singers and athletes in need of bankruptcy relief. What isn’t laid out in print are the millions of others trying to save their homes, address past due obligations and obtain fresh starts. These individuals share little in common other than a need to restore their personal finances. The Federal Bankruptcy Code offers a key to unlock the many doors closed with financial hardship. Those in need of the key do not fit into any convenient categories or stereotypes and they come from each and every walk of life.

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