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If you have been unable to keep up with monthly mortgage payments on your New Jersey home … if you are so far behind that you are unable to catch up quickly enough and fear losing your home to foreclosure, a filing for bankruptcy relief under Chapter 13 can assist you. Assuming you are able to resume making regular payments after your case is filed, you can have up to 60 months to catch up on past due payments, all while you and your home are protected from foreclosure efforts. Additionally, if you own a home which has more than one mortgage on it, and if the home is worth no more than what is owed on the first mortgage, a Chapter 13 filing may allow you to discontinue payments of the secondary mortgage loans, and eliminate them as liens against your home after a Chapter 13 filing is successfully completed. Finally, if a mortgage loan is secured by other collateral is worth less or home equity line, we are able to stop a mortgage company from initiating or continuing a foreclosure proceeding, and effectively require them to give you up to 60 months to catch up on your past due payments, while you resume regular mortgage payments, in current status, going forward. While this is technically not a loan modification, … ask yourself this question: Have you considered seeking a mortgage loan modification, for payments and terms that could be more comfortable for your budget?

Our state and national economic climates are uncertain, at best. The recession has already forced too many people into foreclosure. You can avoid joining their ranks. You could achieve true debt relief and keep your home by contacting the Law Office of Andrew B. Finberg, LLC, bankruptcy law offices in South Jersey.

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Pursuing a mortgage loan modification should not be a do-it-yourself project. Our law firm’s attorneys can guide you through the legal process in a professional manner. They will use their combined 25 years of experience to work with your lender and develop a loan arrangement that is beneficial to all.

Purposes of a mortgage loan modification are three-fold:

  • A new, more desirable interest rate
  • A term extension that you can accommodate
  • A reduction of principal balance, for long-term relief

Don’t risk the alternatives to these measures — “short sale” of the home you worked so hard to afford, or foreclosure. Don’t be just another sad statistic in this historic recession. Protect your rights and your investment.

Our lawyers can meet with you on a weeknight or weekend if it is more convenient for you. We also offer free consultations and affordable payment plans for our legal services. Contact any of our law offices locations today.

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