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Archives for December 2015

Dealing with an Expected Vehicle Repossession

Bankruptcy stops your vehicle from being repossessed, and then gives you many tools—under both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13--to either keep or surrender the vehicle. Stopping the Repossession The minute you file any kind of bankruptcy case, the “automatic stay” instantaneously stops vehicle repossession. The automatic stay is an injunction against repossession and any other collection efforts by creditors. This federal injunction goes into effect immediately upon the filing, without the delay of … [Read more...]

Dealing with an Unhappy Ex-Spouse Creditor

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy - the 3-to-5-year legal procedure for “adjustment of debts”—can help you in two huge ways with an ex-spouse who is unhappy with you for not paying a debt you owe to him or her: It can discharge (legally write-off forever) non-support “property settlement” obligations owed to your ex-spouse through your divorce decree. It can give you time to catch up on child support, while stopping the aggressive collection tactics otherwise available to your ex-spouse and his or … [Read more...]

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